Refund Policy

1. All sales are final at Digitals Europe and refund will not be given unless the item received is not working or as described.

2. Buyers must only confirm the receipt of your order after you have verified the item received is as described in the product listing and in working condition. Confirming the receipt of your order indicate that you are satisfied with your purchase and finalising the transaction, after which the payment will be released to the seller. The buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the purchased Goods and/or Services if no claim, issues and/or complaints is raised or made by the relevant Buyer to Digitals Europe within twenty-four (24) hours upon delivery of the purchased Goods and/or Services. Refunds will not be given for orders which are finalised and completed.

3. The refund for the following payment methods can only be made to Digitals Europe credit: - Online banking
- Stripe
- PayPal

1. Reimbursement for physical products purchased is possible in the following cases:

2) The services rendered in electronic environment or the intangible goods and digital content products (games, CD key, pre-paid gift cards etc.) delivered to the consumer instantly cannot be canceled and returned. All users shopping on our site are considered to have accepted this requirement since they are shopping within the scope of digital content.

For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions with full and binding information. If you have any further questions, you can contact our Live Support Team or Email us.